Manage your life by managing your mind.

Dr Fergus Heffernan holds a PhD in Psychology, MSc Counselling Psychology and Family Therapies. Fergus has spent much of the past 33 years working with the Irish Defence Forces, the United Nations and NATO based in New York.

He has worked with soldiers and their families in Theatre of War locations from Afghanistan, to Iraq, from Central Africa to East Timor, from The Balkans to the Middle East. He is a visiting lecturer and Workshop Director in Trinity College Dublin, Columbia University New York, and Boston University USA.

The Chief Executives' Forum along with CIMA were delighted to welcome and host Dr Heffernan, as a leading educator in the area of stress management and help us understand how it relates to our mental health.

He talked about the cornerstone of our lives as our family and to be ourselves in a safe place. Dr Heffernan outlined that stress levels now are at a level three times greater than past generations and the impact this has on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

He highlighted the need to learn to be honest with ourselves and that we can unlearn negative behaviours. Dr Heffernan highlighted the structures of society and how from a very early age we go through an education system and we never learn about how to communicate our feelings in an effective way.

77 people were in attendance at the event and Dr Heffernan's had the audience's whole hearted attention throughout. His style of presentation was enthralling and the mood following the event was uplifting. The Forum looks forward to hosting Fergus again in the near future; it's certainly one not to miss!