Public Sector Reform - CEF response update

Over the past six weeks the Forum has sought to give members opportunities to voice suggestions and recommendations. The process has been assisted by Queen's University Management School which has been commissioned to collate a CEF response with added input from 4 "cross sector" chairs.

Friday, 26th June 2015 involved further consideration of preliminary findings produced by Professor Beck, Chair of Public Management at Queen's. Members were briefed by the CEF Chair, Stephen Peover, and Colin Sullivan (DFP) reminded the audience where this work fitted into the overall reform agenda. The Forum was also pleased to have Geoff Mulgan from Nesta contribute on the day. Geoff provided an external perspective addressing the need for and means by which public sector reform can be delivered. Geoff provided several thought provoking examples and urged members to

'test policy on a small scale, thereby reducing the overall risk and enabling a faster roll out'

He advocated that leaders should embrace the risk in decision making and reward failure; there should be no fear of failure. This, he went onto say, created the ecosystem of innovation and public sector bodies should look to borrow innovation from elsewhere and repackage it to suit our needs. He used some modern day examples of just such successful ventures. Geoff left the audience with their own challenge

'Reform will come from innovation, but look towards small incremental hungry for change.'

Professor Beck will add conclusions reached during what was a highly interactive engagement to the preliminary stage report. Members will have further opportunity to contribute to the response before submission to the DFP Minister in September.

Presentations from the event can be viewed on our website,

Watch this space.......