21 Mar 2018
REFERENCE : 21032018

Psychologically Healthy Organisations and Workplaces

The Northern Ireland Branch of The British Psychological Society (NIBPS) is delighted to once again collaborate with The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) in co-hosting our 2018 Annual Conference Opening Public Lecture.   We very pleased to be supported by the NI Chief Executives Forum for this event.

We welcome our President and PSI’s Chief Executive Officer as our Keynote Speakers.  The event is conveniently taking place just outside Dundalk and we hope it will attract the business communities North and South to hear what our Leaders have to say about psychologically healthy organisations and workplaces. Attendance is free but those attending are asked to book their place here: https://www.kc-jones.co.uk/nibps2018

During the evening reference will be made to the recent BPS publication ‘Psychology at Work’ and copies will be available for those attending.

A good place to work and learn, psychology making a difference
Ms Nicola Gale, President – The British Psychological Society

What characterises organisations and institutions where people give of their best, either to work or to learn? In particular, how do they support equality, diversity and inclusion in what they do? What do people need, and what can and does Psychology offer? What implications too does this have for psychologists ourselves? This keynote talk will aim to engage with these questions in the context of individual and organisational / institutional identities and how they are developed and fostered by leadership.

Does my work define who I am?

Ms Terri Morrissey, Chief Executive Officer – The Psychological Society of Ireland

Terri will speak on the importance of work for creating meaning and identity for people; on the myth of the work/life balance and the need for creative, engaging and healthy workplaces

Discussant - Mr Stephen Peover, Chair Chief Executives’ Forum