Building A Better Future

Who We Are.

The Chief Executives' Forum is the association of chief executive officers of civil and wider public service bodies in Northern Ireland.

The Forum's vision is to be recognised for the contribution it can make in building a better future for the people of Northern Ireland. In summary its strategic aims are to support the democratic process and the transformation of public services to better meet the needs of good government.

What's on its way.


22 Nov '18

Clare House, 303 Airport Road, Belfast, BT3 9ED

08:45 - 13:45

Public Accountability and Governance - Board Members


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23 Nov '18

Clare House, 303 Airport Road, Belfast, BT3 9ED

08:45 - 13:30

Public Accountability and Governance - Accounting Officers


Event Sold Out

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29 Nov '18

Belfast Charitable Society, Clifton House,

09:00 - 12:00

Setting Outcomes That Work: The Well Formed Outcome Framework

A half day (3 hour) seminar

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Who our
partners are.

The Forum uses its unique position within the public sector to bring key decision makers together.

Its agenda reflects the interests its members have in public policy issues and in modernising public services. In this context the Forum is welcomes working in collaboration with the private sector. The key advantages for business are the opportunity and access to hear first hand some of the challenges the public sector faces and contribute to the debate.

To listen to the views and comments of those who have to make it happen and to be present when new public sector policy and other initiatives are being debated. Develop lasting relationships with senior decision makers in the public sector and to explore opportunities for potential interships and exchanges of personnel.