17 May 2018
REFERENCE : 17052018

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

mind change  is a local Northern Ireland organisation that has developed a range of Emotional Intelligence programmes over the past 2 years delivered to a range of businesses, public sector and third sector organisations.

As Chartered Occupational Psychologists and business consultants, mind change are at the forefront in demonstrating that applying Emotional Intelligence will show how you can adapt your style to achieve success in work and life.

Learning to become more flexible in our approach, enables us to respond differently to the challenges of different people, contexts and situational demands. This emotional flexibility not only enables us to build our resilience but also can lead to better relationships, improved team performance and more positive outcomes.

This short workshop will introduce delegates to an overview of the benefits of Emotional Intelligence and how it may benefit yourself, your team and organisation.

Benefits of EI

  • Increase morale and motivation
  • Develop top talent
  • Recognise other peoples’ emotions
  • Improve difficult relationships
  • Manage stressful situations and remain cool under pressure
  • Address poor performance