Public Accountability & Governance for Audit Committees

October 19 2010

The seminar will commence at 9:00pm sharp and aims to finish at around 1:00pm.

This half-day seminar is for members of public sector audit committees, internal auditors and others who service or support them. It will examine and review the role of the committees in providing assurance independent of the executive on risk management, governance and internal control.

Brian Whalley, an independent consultant and acknowledged expert in this area, will present the seminar, which includes contributions from the Northern Ireland Audit Office.

The programme covers among other things:

  • The Audit Committee, its constitutional role within; Government departments and wider public bodies;
  • The relationship between and the respective roles of the;
  • Audit Committee, the accounting officer and the board or other governing authority;
  • Financial reporting and Statement of Internal Control;
  • Internal and external audit - their roles and relationship;
  • The Audit Committee and its constructive challenge function;
  • The management of risk and dealing with fraud;
  • HM Treasury's Audit Committee Handbook;
  • Current accounting issues; and
  • A case study.

The seminar fee is £200+VAT


House of Commons Public Accounts Committee
Northern Ireland Assembly Public Accounts Committee
Department of Finance and Personnel
DFP Accountability and Accountancy Services Division
Northern Ireland Audit Office
HM Treasury: Governance and Risk Management
HM Treasury: Audit Committee Handbook
HM Treasury Fraud Reports and Guidance