Public Accountability & Governance for Board Members

October 20 2010

This half-day seminar targets independent board members of Government departments and non-executive directors of non-departmental public bodies, North-South implementation bodies, public corporations and other arm's length bodies (ALBs). The seminar deals particularly with expectations of the Northern Ireland Assembly and taxpayers regarding the stewardship of public funds. Continuously updated the programme draws on the latest guidance and recommendations of the Assembly's Public Accounts Committee and best practice in public sector governance.

Brian Whalley, an independent consultant and acknowledged expert in this area, presents the seminar which will include contributions from the Northern Ireland Audit Office (NIAO) and the Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP).

The programme covers:

  • Corporate governance arrangements in Government departments;
  • The landscape of government: What does it mean to operate at 'arm's length'?;
  • ALBS and their relationship with the sponsor department;
  • The proper conduct of public business;
  • Ethical standards relevant to the stewardship of public funds;
  • Managing conflicts of interest;
  • Codes of practice;
  • Roles and responsibilities of ALB board members;
  • The role of the Departmental and ALB accounting officer;
  • External scrutiny: the Northern Ireland Audit Office and
  • Assembly's Public Accounts Committee; and
  • Sources of guidance and further reading

The seminar fee is £200.00 + VAT.


House of Commons Public Accounts Committee
Northern Ireland Assembly Public Accounts Committee
Northern Ireland Audit Office
Department of Finance and Personnel
DFP Accountability and Accountancy Services Division
HM Treasury: Governance and Risk Management
HM Treasury Public Spending & Reporting
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