‘Strong and Prosperous Communities’ - 1

May 16 2008

The 'Strong and Prosperous Communities' Series

The next few years will present many challenges for those involved in delivering public services at the local level.  The creation of 11 new local government districts and the introduction of a council led community planning process will have major implications, not just for local government managers but for all public managers representing the wide range of functions and services administered and delivered locally.

Against this background and an evolving policy agenda, the Forum in co-operation with SOLACE and the Local Government Staff Commission is organising a series of workshops that will examine some of the issues involved and, more generally, ways in which local managers representing different agencies can better work together to achieve better outcomes for the communities they serve.

Each of the themed workshops will ask managers to reflect, not just on the functions and services they are individually responsible for, but more strategically to engage with other service providers in thinking about the needs of their local areas and how in partnership they might transform how things are done at the local level. 

The 'Partnership Working and Place' Workshop

The first of the three workshops and cross-cutting themes addressed the notion of 'Partnership Working and Place', requires local government and other public agencies operating at the local level to work in partnership - both together and with others to promote and provide for the general well-being of the community and its citizens.

The workshop was an opportunity for local managers and practitioners to discuss what place-shaping means in practice and how it can be taken forward successfully with a re-organised public administration and a community planning regime.

Isobel Garner, Chief Executive, Wrexham County Borough Council was the keynote speaker and she and the other speakers - Leonard Sproule, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive Community Services Manager, and the host for the morning, David McCammick, Chief Executive of Antrim Borough Council - fuelled the discussion by relating their views based on the experiences of their organisations. The session was introduced by Philip Faithful, Clerk and Chief Executive, Strabane District Council and SOLACE Northern Ireand Chairman.

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Other Events in the Series

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