'Out of the Silo' - 3

January 18 2011

'Out of the silo - Rethinking government, what it does and how it does it ' is a series of facilitated discussions organised in co-operation with PricewaterhouseCoopers, the professional services firm.

Following on from the previous discussion in this series this meeting again considered infrastructure investment. The previous meeting in November discussed strategic investment in terms of growing the economy, developing social infrastructure, and making smarter use of public funds and existing assets to maintain momentum. This was in the context of Northern Ireland's Spending Review settlement and significant reductions in DEL capital expenditure for the years to March 2015. A report from the November discussion is available to download: "Maintaining a Competitive Infrastructure".

This session focused on 'the how' rather than on strategic priorities - on how to deliver value for money across public infrastructure investment including innovation in financing investment. The meeting began with a discussion of the Scottish Futures Trust model and its experience of bringing commercial and financial skills in infrastructure financing, procurement and delivery into the public sector.

Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) is the independent company formed by the Scottish Government to deliver value for money across all public sector infrastructure investment. SFT works in collaboration with various organisations charged with delivering public sector infrastructure in Scotland. It stresses the importance of commercial skills and strong capital project and programme management. Its portfolio of projects includes: primary and secondary schools; transport; waste, housing and health; Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) schemes in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Ravenscraig; several pre-existing PPP programmes; and its 'Hub' programme, an initiative that brings together local public sector organisations to increase joint working and the shared delivery of sustainable community buildings. Web site: Scottish Futures Trust.

PwC Talking Points Publication: Infrastructure investment in the wake of crisis

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