'Risking it All'... (Morning viewing)

March 30 2011

When things go wrong: How should a company and its advisors respond to allegations that senior managers have been involved in fraud, bribery or corruption?

The film 'Risking it all' was produced by the Forensic Services team at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The film is a dramatisation of the deliberations of a fictional Audit Committee as it seeks to deal with whistleblower allegations of fraud and bribery by employees of the company. The film depicts the potential consequences should an investigation of this type be approached in the wrong way or otherwise seriously mishandled. Among its many learning points it covers the importance of conducting an independent investigation, the scope of the investigation and what would constitute appropriate and in appropriate action.

Members of audit committees who attended this session watched the drama unfold. The film was interrupted at various points to allow for discussion which was facilitated by members of PwC's forensic investigations team.

To view a short trailer of the film, click on the link: 'Risking it All' - Trailer.