Public Accountability for Chief Executives

December 10 2008

The programme provides chief executives with an essential overview of:

  • The principles and conventions governing the accountability of the Civil Service and other public bodies to Parliament/Assembly;
  • The specific duties of the Accounting Officer;
  • The principles governing the stewardship of public funds, and the proper conduct of public business;
  • The role of the Northern Ireland Audit Office and the Stormont Public Accounts Committee; and
  • Developments in corporate governance in the central government sector.

‘Public Accountability for Chief Executives’ is a concise introduction to the principles and mechanisms of public accountability, as they affect the handling of public money and all aspects of the conduct of public business. 


·    Public Accounts Committee

·   Northern Ireland Audit Office

·   Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP)

·   Accountability and Accountancy Services Division (DFP)

·    ‘Dear Accountancy Officer’ letters

For more information about the Public Accountability series of seminars, contact Roger Bradley, (T) 028 9054 2966.