'Evaluating and Prioritising Risk'

March 30 2012

Organised in cooperation with Aon Risk Services, the Institute of Directors and the Northern Ireland Audit Office this seminar, 'Thinking and Talking about Risk', was the second in a series of workshops about the risks organisations face and how they are managed.

This workshop argued the case for a more structure approach to the identification and management of three distinct types of risk - strategic, operational and project risks. More pointedly, it encouraged positive attitudes towards innovation and tolerating risks that are opportunities worth pursuing as, with budgets being cut back, risks must be taken and opportunities seized in order to improve or maintain services.

Risk management cannot then only be about risk avoidance - about identifying and assessing hazards and threats and putting preventative strategies in place. It must also be about defining the organisation's future state. In which case it is about where you want or need to be; and about knowing how you're going to get there. It is also about recognising the risks that will be involved; about seizing opportunities that may be thrown up; and then putting mitigation and, hopefully, realisation strategies in place.

A Key Points Bulletin reporting in more detail points arising from the presentations and discussion is available on request. A copy of presentation slides is also available. Contact Kim McKnight, (T) 02890 347400.


For more information on the first workshop, 'Thinking and Talking about Risk', click on the title link.