Public Accountability and Governance for the Senior Civil Service

June 29 2012

The half-day seminar targets members of the senior civil service (SCS) who support permanent secretaries in their accounting officer role.

Brian Whalley, an independent consultant and acknowledged expert in this area, presented the seminar (one of series aiming to cover all SCS members). Each seminar includes a contribution from the Department of Finance and Personnel's Treasurary Officer of Accounts.

Aim: to provide members of the SCS with clear understanding of, and practical insights into

  • The personal accountability and responsibilities of members of the Northern Ireland Senior Civil Service (including reference to the need to support the Accounting Officer;
  • The principles contained in DFP's 'Managing Public Money Northern Ireland' (and other related central government guidance) together with their practical application;
  • The role of the Stormont Public Accounts Committee including lessons from recent PAC hearings and the need for supporting witnesses to perform well and to be fully prepared; and
  • Sources of further guidance and assurance including DFP.

You can reserve a place on a future seminar by contacting Kim McKnight (T) 0299034740 (DIAL) x58400. The seminar fee is £130.00 +VAT

Please note that this series is restricted to members of the NICS Senior Civil Service group.