Making the Sound Bite Count

December 03 2012

This workshop is one of a regular series that features two very experienced presenters: Mike Philpott and Iain Webster.

Mike and Iain have extensive knowledge of the newspaper, radio and television industries - locally, nationally and internationally. They teach interview techniques with the aim of making people more at ease in front of the camera or microphone.

During the workshop participants:

  • Are rehearsed using full, closed-circuit televisions and are given feedback on their performance with full attention to detail including their body language etc;
  • Press releases, what they say, how they are written and what makes a story newsworthy;
  • The criteria editors use when selecting stories and what to do when approached for an interview;
  • The different contexts within which interviews take place including remote interviews; and
  • Panel discussions and phone-ins with up to nine lines.

Recently one chief executive stated, "...The essential difference between this and a "standard" media skills course was that both Mike and Iain were speaking from considerable experience and conveyed some very useful tips on how to handle journalists, ...I would recommend the course for any senior manager who may be called upon to speak on the broadcast media and who is not already experienced".

Click here for a copy of the programme.

The delegate price for the workshop is £295 + VAT.

These workshops are highly regarded and regularly receive very positive reviews from participants.

For more information contact Kim McKnight (T) 02890 347400.