Generational Diversity

June 12 2013

There are currently four generations working and living in our communities, and within the next decade we will see this increase to five. Pschologists have attempted to classify common characteristics and behaviours associated with these age cohorts which have been influenced by prevailing social, economic and technological environments. A more diverse range of traits and values now exists within society than ever before.

Understanding demographic trends is critically important for the public sector. Appreciating the needs and preferences of the various age groups is fundamental to the services we deliver and to how we plan, design for and engage with the population as a whole.

Furthermore, as organisations we must also be capable of managing and harnessing the talents of a much wider range of age profiles within our workforce. Are we prepared for an aging "baby boomer" generation, an expanding proportion of people over 65, and the increasing numbers of technologically sophisticated "Generation Y" individuals working side by side?

Organisations that use opportunities to build bridges between the generations and use the collective knowledge and ideas to allow creativity and innovation, will thrive as employers and in responding to the changing diversity of their customers.

During the briefing you will learn of:

(i) Differences within each generation
(ii) Predictions regarding the impact of demographic shift and how generational diversity will determine changes to public service provision
(iii) How to take advantage of generational diversity within the workplace

The briefing, which is free to members and associates (or their nominees), will be delivered by Clare Mulligan. Clare is an Organisational Psychologist who researches and trains on Generational Diversity. Clare sits on two committees of the Irish Association of Pension Funds (IAPF) and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development (CIPD).

Breakfast will be provided between 8:00am - 8:30am.

To reserve a place please click on the 'Register' button above and complete the online booking form or, alternatively, contact Roisin Liddy (E); (T) 028 9034 7402 or 7400.