Chairs and Chief Executives in the Governance of Public Bodies

January 14 2014

Guest Speakers - Professor David Heald, University of Aberdeen and Dr David Steel, University of Aberdeen (formerly CEO of NHS Quality Improvement Scotland).

During the course of the past two years, Professor David Heald and Dr David Steel have conducted extensive research across a range of public bodies in Great Britain, investigating their governance. In a project funded by the British Academy and a University of Aberdeen Knowledge Exchange and Transfer Fund award, they have developed a study that provides important and timely insights into public sector corporate governance across a range of organisational types, including: non-departmental public bodies; non-ministerial departments; NHS bodies; public corporations; and limited companies.

This breakfast briefing, which is being organised in co-operation with the Ulster Business School at the University of Ulster and the Chairs' Forum, focuses on this significant research, the theme of which is of topical interest to the public sector in Northern Ireland. Our guest speakers, Professor David Heald and Dr David Steel, bring a wealth of national and international expertise to this work, both being acknowledged leaders and experts in the fields of public sector accountability, finance and administration.

The focus of their briefing will be on the critical relationship between the Chair and Chief Executive in the governance of public bodies.

This will touch on:

  • The differentiated roles played by Chairs and Chief Executives, exploring the extent to which these depend on personal characteristics and experience rather than the policy context and operational substance of the organisation; and
  • The role of the board, in terms of: composition; policy and strategy; sponsorship; board/executive team roles; and the Chair/Chief Executive relationship in normal times, and at times of crisis.

There is no fee payable for this event.

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