'Making The Sound Bite Count'

October 29 2008

This workshop was one of a regular series that features two very experienced presenters: Mike Philpott and Ray Hayden. Mike and Ray have extensive knowledge of the newspaper, radio and television industries -- locally, nationally and internationally. They teach interview techniques with the aim of making people more at ease in front of the camera or microphone.

During the workshop participants:

  • Are rehearsed using full, closed-circuit televisions and are given feedback on their performance with full attention to detail including their body language etc.
  • Experience live broadcast and to see how news bulletins are prepared
  • Are involved in the re-creation of panel discussions, phone-ins with up to nine lines, and remote interviews.

The delegate price for this workshop is £415 + VAT. These workshops are highly regarded and regularly receive very positive reviews from participants.

For more information contact Roger Bradley (T) 02890 542966.