Measuring Wellbeing in Northern Ireland: Carnegie Report Pre-Publication Seminar

January 20 2015

This extended breakfast seminar will discuss the forthcoming report of the Carnegie Roundtable on Measuring Wellbeing in Northern Ireland.

Members of the roundtable will present their findings and then the Forum and the Carnegie UK Trust will invite you to set the agenda for a series of deliberative events to shape how the recommendations can be developed, disseminated and implemented in the run-up to the next Programme for Government.

The issues likely to be raised by the report include:

  • the need for a new narrative for government policy that breaks with the habit of treating GDP growth as the dominant measure of social progress and instead focuses on the wellbeing of citizens;
  • the role of an over-arching performance framework in aligning public bodies behind wellbeing outcomes; and
  • the value of a new whole of government operational culture alongside a whole of society civic engagement.

The roundtable has identified both the up-coming Programme for Government and the introduction of Community Planning as key opportunities to advance the wellbeing agenda and delegates views will be sought on practical steps forward.