Thought Leadership Conference on 'BIG DATA'

June 12 2015

The event will consider from a Northern Irish business perspective, the conclusions reached in two recently published CGMA reports focusing on 'Big Data': 'From Insight to Impact' and 'Readying business for the big data revolution'.

Relentless advances in technology continue to drive new ways of doing business. So far such advances have improved the prospects for Northern Irish businesses and for those with higher level skills. However, the next wave may be different. With 'big data' at its crest, it holds the potential to change how business opportunities are identified and how business decisions are made. This may threaten some highly skilled roles.

At this important conference senior representatives from all stakeholders involved in the 'big data' debate in Northern Ireland will share their views on what it is all about; what are the potential benefits; how businesses are actually using it; what competencies businesses need to develop in order to benefit from the emerging opportunities; and what skills we need to develop.

'Big Data' conference speakers:

  • Conference chairman: Stephen Peover, Chairman, Chief Executives Forum
  • Policy maker & Early Adopter: Trevor Steenson, Digital Transformation Programme Director, DFP
  • CGMA specialist: Peter Simons, Author of the CGMA 'Big Data' reports
  • Academic: Dr Adele Marshall, Queens University, Belfast
  • Technology company: Stephen McKeown, CEO, Analytics Engines
  • Early adopter: (Private Sector): Kieran Kelly, CEO, ARC-NET

Each speaker will address the relevant issues from their individual stakeholder perspective, following which the event will open to the audience for a Q and A session.

There is no charge for members to attend this event: registration & refreshments from 9:30 am; presentation & discussion from 10:00am to 12:30pm.

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We look forward to welcoming you to this event.