Public Accountability and Governance for Audit & Risk Assurance Committees

September 23 2015

This half day seminar examines and reviews the role of the Audit & Risk Assurance Committee in providing assurance, independent of the executive, on risk management, governance and internal control.

This programme covers:

  • the Audit & Risk Assurance Committee: its constitutional position and its role within government departments and arm's length public bodies;
  • the relationship between, and the respective roles of, the Audit & Risk Assurance Committee, the Accounting Officer and the Board (or other governing authority);
  • the committee's role in relation to financial reporting and the governance statement;
  • the committee's role in relation to risk management and anti-fraud measures;
  • the respective contributions of internal and external audit;
  • the Audit & Risk Assurance Committee's challenge function, including reference to case examples where the committee's approach could have been more robust;
  • DFP's Audit & Risk Assurance Committee Handbook together with other relevant guidance;
  • observations regarding good practice.

Brian Whalley, an independent consultant and acknowledged expert in this area, presents the seminar which includes a contribution from the Northern Ireland Audit Office (NIAO).

The delegate fee for this seminar is £200 + VAT.

A finger buffet lunch will be available immediately following the session.

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