Public Accountability and Governance for Accounting Officers - Refresher Seminar

March 07 2016

The purpose of the programme is to provide:

•an update of current developments in central government governance and accountability and in particular the implications for the personal responsibilities and leadership role of the AO;
•information regarding recently issued guidance for Accounting Officers and their organisations;
•commentary on some of the issues being raised at the Public Accounts Committee locally and at Westminster and the consequences for AOs of such developments.

Discussion will be led by Brian Whalley (Public Accountability Training) with input from the Comptroller and Auditor General, (NIAO) and the Treasury Officer of Accounts, (DFP). The number of places available is restricted to approximately 12 people to enable engagement and to allow specific queries to be addressed.

An example of elements to be covered include:

•Reminder about the AO role referring to a report published by the Institute for Government "Following the Pound"
•Matters that have been of particular interest to Public Accounts Committees throughout the UK including: members of staff - other than the AO - being called to appear at PAC; former AOs being invited to give evidence; principal AOs being held to account for governance shortcomings in ALBs, and failure to take appropriate action.
•Newly issued guidance: Cabinet Office guide for staff who are responsible for sponsorship of ALBs (2014)