01 Dec 2017
REFERENCE : 01122017

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The Art of Collaboration - POSTPONED

Collaboration is often met with resistance and a lack of motivation, according to the Institute for Government’s report on collaborative working (2011).

“It’s hard work”

“It’s frustrating”

“It’s emotional”

In this session, we will explore what we mean and don’t mean by collaboration. We will look at why collaborating is a valuable approach in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) and why it isn’t always the answer. Former Ogilvy CEO Charlotte Beers was famous for saying, “Collaboration is highly overrated when you don’t have the right thing to do.” (Gardner, HBR, 02/05/17)

So, what needs to be in place for successful collaboration in an environment of ever decreasing resources? Lisa will guide us in identifying the skills for collaboration so that you can harness ideas, resources, skills and expertise from across departments, agencies and organisations.