13 Apr 2018
REFERENCE : 13042018

Making the Sound Bite Count

This highly regarded, long-running media skills programme for senior executives operates from state-of-the-art TV and radio production facilities; allowing participants to experience a sense of media interviews. 

Designed to boost your confidence and build your interview skills, the programme combines a mix of general and personalised advice with practice sessions and one-to-one coaching in interview techniques from seasoned media professionals. The overall aim of the programme is to make people feel more composed in front of the camera or microphone. Those attending are asked to think of some work-based issue on which to rehearse an interview. Everything is kept strictly confidential.

These workshops consistently receive very positive reviews from participants: "...The essential difference between this and a "standard" media skills course was that both Mike and Iain were speaking from considerable experience and conveyed some very useful tips on how to handle journalists, ...I would recommend the course for any senior manager who may be called upon to speak on the broadcast media and who is not already experienced", Chief Executive Officer.