23 Jan 2018
REFERENCE : 23012018

Collaborative Working towards Shared Outcomes - A Case Study

A key feature of the new Programme for Government is its dependence on collaborative working between organisations and groups, whether in the public, voluntary, or private sectors and where individuals and communities can also play an active part. Working across boundaries and focusing on outcomes is the way forward.

Such an approach is not unique. The recently completed Connswater Community Greenway clearly illustrates the benefits of joint working in the delivery of this £40m project. While primarily a flood protection scheme, the project brought together a variety of partners to provide mutual benefits of regeneration, employment and tourism, not to mention the environmental and social improvements for communities living in the area.

This seminar will be led by Gerry Millar of Belfast City Council who managed the inter-agency contract to achieve the range of outcomes sought from the project. He will share his experience of facilitating disparate and sometimes competing demands within this jointly funded strategic investment project for the city. The event will offer practical perspectives on gaining advantage and overcoming challenges associated with collaborative working.