27 Sep 2018
REFERENCE : 27092018

Look Inside & Out - Leadership that Gets Results

With "Culture" now contributing towards a third of financial performance it is hard to ignore the importance of getting this right.

Organisational culture, in turn, is influenced by leadership style and your approach in gathering information, motivating others, making decisions, managing change and handling crisis.

This session will allow you to understand the impact of particular leadership styles on the performance, emotional intelligence and culture side of your business and how to choose a style that maximises your effectiveness in a given situation. In short, leadership that gets results with and through your people.

"You may be able to "BUY" a persons back with a pay cheque, position, power or fear but a human beings genius, passion, loyalty and tenacious activity are "volunteered" only. True leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves"