'Leading & Inspiring Lasting Change'

May 05 2009

The briefing:

  • Compared views on why change programmes don't achieve all of their objectives (and roughly 80% don't. 100% of organisations that don't change however, do fail completely;
  • Compared views on why people resist change; and
  • Considered a model addressing these issues; and

Bryan Dunlop

Bryan Dunlop who was born in Zambia to Irish parents. He attended Portora Royal School before going on to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where he won a commission in the 2nd Gurkha Rifles.

After military service all over the world, Bryan worked in the mining industry in Angola, West Africa. When the mine he was working on was overrun by UNITA Terrorists, Bryan and his team were taken into captivity. They were released three days later and flown to safety in Namibia.

On arrival in Namibia, Bryan was asked to return to war torn Angola immediately. He did, was the only Manager to do so and took his entire Team back with him as well.

On leaving the mining industry, Bryan built a successful career as a salesman in Wealth Management in London before taking on a role as a Leadership and Sales Trainer and Coach. Bryan set up his own corporate development business in 2001. His Clients range from FTSE 100 Companies through to the Public Sector, SMEs and to individuals in both the sporting and business worlds.