'Making the Sound Bite Count - the televised interview'

June 03 2009

When you come to stand alone in front of a television camera, when a great deal may depend on probably just a couple minutes of television air-time, it will all be down to you and how you perform on the box.

Using a fully equipped television studio this programme was led by 'Making the Sound Bite Count' seasoned presenters, Mike Philpott and Ray Hayden.

The programme:

  • Enables you to experience what its like to be interviewed on television within a highly realistic studio setting, one with a 3-camera and lighting rig equivalent to that used by the major broadcasters
  • Allows you to experience giving down-the-line outside broadcast interviews - literally outside broadcasts, complete with earpiece and radio transmitter
  • Offers invaluable feedback and advice on how you present yourself in front of the camera: on how you come across, on what you say and how you say it; on your demeanour, on the image you present and what your body language says about you and your message; and on your interview technique and camera presence
  • Helps develop style and technique and (to the extent that you can or indeed should) helps develop a more relaxed, sympathetic image by making you more aware of how you look and perform.
  • Stresses the importance of being well briefed and well prepared. And, in terms of being well prepared, this programme can prove a sound investment

By providing a highly realistic but safe space within which to learn and develop crucial televised interview skills and techniques, this follow up to 'Making a Sound Bite Count' is designed to bolster your confidence through coaching in how to present an authoritative and polished image of you and your organisation.


The workshop is highly interactive involves practice interviews, playback and one-to-one advice and coaching. Only six places are available on these programmes.

As a spin-off from our 'Making the Sound Bite Count' programme, which provides an essential grounding in media skills training, this seminar focused entirely on the medium of television and the special considerations that apply.

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