15 Jan 2020
REFERENCE : Breakfast Briefing

Secrets of Success for Data-Driven Organisations

Data has been referred to as the new raw material of the 21st century.  Like any other raw material, it needs investment to locate, extract and refine it before it yields value.

In the public sector, making well informed, evidence-based decisions can save lives, enable more efficient and impactful investment and help improve the lives of citizens. 

In this exclusive briefing, in partnership between Gartner and the Chief Executives' Forum, Gartner’s Vice President for Data and Analytics Strategy and Chief Data Officer Alan Duncan will examine the core capabilities necessary for a modern data-driven business strategy:

How to balance "doing things right" and "doing the right things"?

How to set the leadership agenda for both "doing" and "thinking" (with the former providing the basis for the latter)?

How to ensure that stakeholders are willing and able to participate in the change to becoming data-driven?

Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss what good data literacy looks like; the steps to building a data literate organisation and receive signposts to sources of support and good practice.

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