February 28 2020

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In driving and delivering programmes of organisational change, senior leaders and managers can overlook the potential for such change to inadvertently create counterproductive work behaviour (CWB) or ‘insider threat’ in previously reliable staff.

We are delighted to welcome established academics Dr Charis Rice and Professor Ros Searle for this briefing, which will provide an overview of their research carried out for the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST), examining the individual, social and organisational factors that can contribute to negative employee perceptions and experiences in the context of programmes of change.

These factors can produce a reduction in an employee’s trust in their employing organisation which then enables counterproductive work behaviour, threatening the effectiveness, or harming the safety of an employer and its stakeholders.

CWB can develop from small scale discretions (eg time wasting or knowledge hiding) into serious insider threat activities (eg destroying systems or exchanging confidential information with malicious others).

Dr Rice and Prof Searle will present the strategies produced through the research to help mitigate against the threat of counterproductive work behaviour and insider threats, contained in the project’s Manager’s Guide and Practitioner’s Toolkit.

Who should attend?

Leaders and senior managers dealing with

    · Organisational Change programmes

    · Internal Communications

    · HR Management

As part of your organisation’s membership there is no fee to attend this event, and light refreshments will be available at the start of the session.