09 Apr 2020

Broadcast Interview Techniques Webinar with Mike Philpott

Many CEF members will find themselves in front of a microphone in coming weeks and months, often having to deliver complex and upsetting messages in a short, pressurised scenario.

Spokespeople will have a short opportunity in which to deliver important public information, and they carry a responsibility to achieve clarity and avoid creating confusion in doing so.

This 1.5 hour seminar will provide a suite of techniques to help you develop and deliver your key messages in a clear and concise fashion, helping you to build and maintain trust and credibility with the audiences you need to reach via TV and radio. It includes an opportunity to undertake a short media–style Q&A, which you will subsequently receive a recording for future reference.

This seminar will help you use your time on air to maximum effectiveness.

Who should attend?

· Staff who will be carrying out broadcast interviews or briefings on behalf of their organisations

· Staff who are preparing briefing documents for organisational spokespeople.


As part of your organisation’s membership of the Chief Executives’ Forum there is no charge to attend participate in this seminar. Places are limited and will be confirmed on a first-come basis.