Effective Delivery: Harnessing the Lessons of the Pandemic for Better Collaboration between the Public Sector and Third Sector

November 12 2020

As the Covid pandemic has shown us, the complex challenges facing Northern Ireland cannot be addressed by any single organisation or any single sector.

Collaboration across boundaries is key to successful delivery for citizens. In some areas, collaboration between the public sector and the third sector was a key element of the Covid19 response, and we saw leaders from the two sectors working together like never before.

As we continue to deal with the impact of this pandemic, there is an opportunity to reset traditional ways of working, to embed what we learnt and to embrace new ways of working across our sectors. 

At this event, a panel of key figures from both sectors will reflect on how we build and strengthen our relationships:

    • David Sterling, Chair, Chief Executives’ Forum
    • Moira Doherty, Deputy Secretary, Dept. for Communities
    • Michele Janes, Head of Barnardo’s NI
    • Anne-Marie McClure, Chief Executive, Start 360

The event will include the launch of the CEF/CO3 Leadership Exchange Programme, facilitated by Grant Thornton.  Patrick Gallen, GT’s People and Change Consulting Partner will outline the programme, which is now in its third year and enables a group of leaders from each sector to step into each other’s world, illustrating the benefits of building relationships, understanding each other’s perspectives and expanding networks.  The brochure for this programme can be found here 

This will be an interactive event with the opportunity for discussion with the panellists.