Lessons from Leaders: Mandy Hickson - Experience from the front line

November 04 2020

We are delighted to partner with the HSC Leadership Centre and PSNI to bring you this virtual ‘Lesson from Leaders’ session with former RAF fighter pilot Mandy Hickson.

Finding a love of flying early in life, Mandy had to fight hard to achieve her ambition of becoming an RAF pilot.  She was only the second woman to fly a Tornado GR4 on the front line, completing three tours of duty and 45 missions over Iraq.  Mandy's inspiring story is one of drive and determination, triumphs and setbacks.

In this webinar, she will relate her experiences of working within an elite team of fast jet operators with great clarity, outlining how the same values apply within any environment. She demonstrates the importance of remaining calm under pressure and leading, quite literally, from the front, in order to get the best from herself and her team.

Drawing on her experience of calculated risk-taking, decision-making under pressure and the critical role of the human in the system, Mandy transfers vivid lessons from the cockpit to other management and leadership contexts.

Mandy is now a highly demanded keynote speaker across a range of business sectors, where she talks with humour and great passion to inspire those around her. She has been invited to share her insights into the strategies & behaviours that can be adopted when the stakes are at their highest.