Digital World Series with Wayne Denner: Blended Reputation

November 10 2020

Social media provides unprecedented opportunities to connect directly with service users and key stakeholders.  But how can public sector leaders get the most from social media? When should they join this digital revolution? What is the right digital platform for you as a public sector leader? How do you successfully blend your personal, professional and organisational presence online?

With two decades of experience working with large and small scale businesses, public sector organisations and in the community and voluntary sector, Wayne Denner has an endless flow of knowledge to help you enhance and protect your online reputation. 

As a technology behavioural specialist, Wayne advises government, law-makers, health authorities and business leaders on digital leadership and strategy, trusted networks, campaign design and delivery, engaging communities and developing relationships.

In this webinar, Wayne will provide advice on how to improve the culture of behaviours around blended online presence within organisations.  He will guide us through the pitfalls, and illustrate how a digital profile can help build positive alliances and achieve outcomes.   The session will include practical guidance on:

  • getting the most out of the most common digital platforms;
  • how to judge which one right for you and your organisation;
  • resourcing your digital presence, and
  • how to assess if your digital presence is effective.

A recording of this session can be found by clicking on the following link and using the password: pY+6dgT=