The Convergence of Covid & EU Exit: Implications for NI's Public Sector

November 20 2020

Public sector leaders are currently balancing business continuity priorities with managing the impact of a global pandemic, whilst preparing for the full departure of the UK from the European Union on 1 January 2021. 

To examine the impact of this unprecedented convergence of ‘once in a generation’ events, CEF has invited experts in their fields to provide their analyses of current events, and their assessment of how they will impact on public service delivery.

Internationally recognised expert on Brexit and Northern Ireland, Professor Katy Hayward will provide her insight on the current negotiations, and navigate through the complexity of issues to highlight and analyse those of greatest relevance to Northern Ireland – the issues that public sector leaders should have on their radars as they plan for the future.

Ernst & Young’s Chief Economist, Neil Gibson and Brexit Lead, Simon MacAllister, will provide their analysis of the economic impact of the pandemic and share their outlook for 2021 and beyond.

This event will be chaired by CEF Chair David Sterling, who will reflect on the presentations, drawing on his insight and experience working at the heart of the Northern Ireland institutions.  The event will include opportunities for dialogue and discussion with the panellists.