14 Dec 2020
REFERENCE : Webinar, 11am-12.15pm

Shaping Change in the Post Covid World: Matthew Taylor Reflects

CEF and the HSC Leadership Centre are delighted to host this webinar with RSA Chief Executive, Matthew Taylor CBE.

In this webinar, Matthew will provide an insight into the ideas of the RSA’s international network of leading thinkers on how to seize the opportunities the pandemic has created to improve society.

In the context of its core idea of ‘thinking like a system and acting like an entrepreneur’, the RSA has examined how people, communities and institutions have responded to the pandemic – what new ideas and ways of working are emerging? How has the crisis exposed systematic weaknesses and identified hidden potential? Using this knowledge, can we start to identify more precisely where the impetus and potential for progressive change may be greatest? 

Acknowledging that the aspiration to build a better future out of the crisis must be grounded by analysis of the obstacles to change and how they can be overcome, Matthew will discuss the RSA’s model of change that seeks to understand the crisis-response measures.

Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss these issues with Matthew at this event which is open to senior leaders across Northern Ireland’s public sector.