11 Oct 2021
REFERENCE : Briefing

The Hybrid Workplace Transformation: PwC's Experience

How, when and where we work is transforming at pace, and the hybrid workplace model is here to stay. Organisations need strategies to reflect the personalisation of work and how people, place and technology interact.

Continuing our examination of these issues, we are delighted to join PwC in their new Belfast city centre HQ for this webinar. 

Navigating through this disruption will be vital to the success of all organisations. Doing nothing is not an option and leaders must recognise that this is not an issue that HR, IT or Operations should deal with on their own. They must view the whole landscape, acknowledging the complex and intricate ways in which everything connects, analysing what must change to understand the associated costs and consequences.

Employee expectations are high, and failure to maintain engagement could be damaging.

PwC UK’s Chief People Officer, Laura Hinton and Steph Bloor, PwC’s Director of Organisational Agility will lead the discussion, looking at both the strategic and practical issues organisations should think about at the outset, in the three broad categories ‘people’ ‘place’ and ‘technology’.

They will draw on the experience of PwC clients across the UK, as well as sharing PwC’s journey from working from home to beginning the return to the office safely.   All PwC’s UK offices opened in July. Treating it in the same way as any other complex assignment, the firm conducted meticulous planning and testing before reopening, gaining feedback from staff and launching the “Deal”. Laura will discuss how having a blend of office, home and client-site working is helping PwC UK’s people, business and wider communities.

We will also hear from Derek Kennedy, Director NICS Reform of Property Management & Recovery Programme who is working with the NICS departments to consider the lessons learned from the pandemic and re-evaluate how government departments might operate in the future.

This is an interactive event at which delegates will have the opportunity to discuss the issues with our panellists, particularly the challenges PwC faced in adapting to the post-pandemic realities, and how some of the tools they engaged can be adapted for use in the public sector.