Infrastructure 2050: Ensuring All Public Bodies Shape the Strategy

April 07 2022

The Chief Executives’ Forum and the Public Sector Chairs’ Forum are delighted to join with the Strategic Investment Board (SIB) for this event.  SIB is currently consulting on Infrastructure 2050: the draft Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland, and is keen to ensure that all public bodies are included in the consultation. 

At this webinar, SIB’s senior team will provide an overview of the draft strategy, with sector facilitators providing further details on the five key pillars of the strategy:

  • Decarbonising our economy and society
  • Strengthening our essential services
  • Building a strong, connected and competitive region
  • Enhancing our communities and places
  • Maximising the benefits from new technology and innovation.

Guests will have the opportunity to engage with subject experts during the event.

This ambitious strategy, approved for consultation by the out-going Executive in January 2022 will build on the £14.9billion investment in regional infrastructure over the last 10 years and learn lessons to improve infrastructure experience.

 The Executive’s vision for infrastructure is that it will enable everyone to lead a healthy, productive and fulfilling life, and that it will support sustainable economic development and protect our environment. This draft strategy sets out how the Executive will achieve this vision, providing a clear framework for planning and prioritising infrastructure investment, defining the outcomes required of that investment and setting out the mechanisms, including greater collaboration that will ensure its efficient and effective delivery.

The strategy is aligned with the principles of the Executive’s other key strategies, and will be implemented through a rolling 10-year investment plan and medium term financial plan that will define and prioritise the individual programmes and projects needed to deliver, matched to a financial plan that will show how they will be funded.

The consultation on the draft Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland closes on 20th April 2022. Following consideration of all responses, including the draft EQIA and Rural Needs Impact Assessment (RNIA), a full analysis report will be prepared for consideration by the incoming Executive.  The strategy is available on Infrastructure-2050-draft-Investment-Strategy-for-Northern-Ireland-FINAL.pdf (



As part of your organisation’s membership there is no fee to attend this event.