'Tomorrow's Leaders' Breakfast Briefing

October 26 2009

The increasing emphasis on working in partnership to deliver integrated public services highlights the need to develop the skills and knowledge of people involved in partnerships working at local, regional and national levels.

The Scottish Government recently published the 'Learning in Regeneration' skills pack, which aims to address this critical element of partnership working. Norrie Gilliland, Director of People Matters [Europe] Ltd, who developed the skills pack, set out the background to the project, the benefits of using the pack, what it covers, how it has been used in a wide range of situations and how a similar approach might work in Northern Ireland.

Norrie explained how the skills pack is supporting 'Tomorrow's Leaders', a highly successful programme commissioned by Glasgow Community Planning Partnership, which helps emerging leaders, from a wide variety of backgrounds develop their leadership skills and knowledge in the context of Glasgow's five strategic planning themes as a learning, working, healthy, safe and vibrant city.

Norrie co-founded People Matters in 1999 and operates as a facilitator, coach and trainer in organisational development and change, leadership and performance management. He is passionate about helping organisations, teams and individuals improve their culture, relationships and performance by taking action on areas of common concern.