March 10 2023

The Chief Executives’ Forum is delighted to join with the British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology in Northern Ireland to welcome back Professor Ros Searle, one of the UK’s foremost academics concerned with the issue of trust in public bodies.

We operate in an age of declining trust in public institutions – not just in Northern Ireland, but globally. The OECD has noted that as we emerge from the largest health, economic and social crisis in decades, trust levels decreased in 2021. Public confidence is now evenly split between people who say they trust their national government and those who do not. Historical data show that it takes a long time to rebuild trust when it is diminished; it took about a decade, for example, for public trust to recover from the 2008 crisis. This is why countries urgently need to invest in re-establishing trust to tackle the policy challenges ahead.


Professor Searle previously delivered a symposium for CEF on this issue in 2019, and on her return she will be joined by Professor Roberta Fida, University of East Anglia, to examine how the pandemic has impacted on levels of trust in public bodies, and how organisational leaders can rebuild trust with their key internal and external stakeholders. 

In this interactive event, Professors Searle and Fida will explore some of the big questions about trust and why it matters, both internally and externally.  They will draw on their research to demonstrate how organisational leaders can create an environment that encourages and promotes trust, and they will take questions from delegates on the challenges we face on a daily basis.

This event, at NICSSA Pavilion, Stormont Estate, Belfast, is aimed at all organisational leaders, and will be of particular interest to those working in HR, Organisational Development and Communications.

9.15am Networking

9.45am Symposium commences

12.15pm Symposium concludes; light lunch available for delegates


The event is free of charge to CEF members, and can be booked as below.


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