AI - The Opportunities and Risks: Analysis by Global Cybersecurity Expert Ciaran Martin

April 24 2024

CEF is joining with the Association of Chief Executives of State Agencies (ACESA) in Ireland for this briefing event, hosted at BT’s NI headquarters in Belfast.

We are delighted to welcome global cybersecurity expert, former Chief Executive of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, Ciaran Martin to Belfast for this session.  Ciaran’s long-held view is that good cybersecurity requires the demystification of complex subjects, finding new ways and new languages for specialists to engage with wider leadership, particularly as new technologies and tech platforms become our reality.

In that spirit, Ciaran will share his views of developments in AI as positive technologies with a series of short and long term challenges which are of varying degrees of severity.  Challenges and risks include the generation of widespread disinformation; more advanced and larger-scale cyber attacks and the potential access to bio-weapons.   Ciaran will expand on his view that these systems should be secure by design, and if they are not, those to make and run them should be liable.

We will also hear from Mark O'Flaherty, Chief Information Officer in BT's Emergency Service Network about the practical application of AI products and services that deliver tangible benefits to customers.

Guests will have the opportunity for Q&A with both speakers.

CEF members will be joined at this event by ACESA members, Chief Executives of a wide range of public bodies in the Republic of Ireland, with networking opportunities built in at the beginning and conclusion of the event.

Registration & Networking:     10.30am

Briefing:                                         11.00am

Networking lunch:                      12.30pm

Event conclusion:                         1.30pm

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