'Redefining Your HR Strategy'

June 09 2010

This briefing: Chief Executives typically regard the HR function as operational and administrative. Recent work by the CIPD shows that in high performing organisations in both the public and private sectors, HR is being used to develop and deliver a people agenda matched to business strategy. This session will look at the value of an effective CEO-HR director partnership, founded on shared business understanding, and HR programmes focused on building sustainable performance.

With the speaker, Dean Royles, CIPD Chairman, unable to come because of flight cancellations the sesion got off to a bad start. However, follwing a hearty breakfast the meeting turned into a worthwhile discussion of the issues facing organisations and personnel professional as public agencies looked to a new era of swingeing cuts in public expenditure.

There was a lively discussion ending on a positive of quite a number of public bodies represented evidencing key developments in their own agencies - developments that reflected the emergence of more strategically directed HR functions. However with time and business issues pressing there was a marked attitude of managers and professional wanting to know more about how the function could develop with an emphasis on the strategic partner role.