'Creating Cohesive Communities - Ideas that Work'

April 29 2010

The Strong and Prosperous Communities Series of workshops brings together locally based managers representing very different parts of the public sector and a wide range of functions serving the needs of local communities. As representatives of public agencies operating locally they all have a role in building and sustaining Strong and Prosperous Communities, the theme of the Series.

This, the first workshop in the third series, focused on race and community relations and the creation of a shared and better future based on tolerance and respect for cultural diversity. Falling within Community Relations Week, the workshop was about being creative in our approaches to community development and regeneration and 'Ideas that Work'. It includes contributions form Coleraine Borough Council, Dungannon & South Tyrone District Council, and from Lancashire County Council.

The was about promoting sharing over separation in community relations. More generally the 'Strong and Prosperous Communities Series aims:

o To bring together local service providers -- leaders and managers;
o To set about developing a shared understanding of the contributions different agencies do and can make to building Strong and Prosperous Communities;
o To consider the issues and opportunities arising from re-organised local services; and following re-organisation
o To consider how locally based service providers can work together to better co-ordinate services that are focused firmly on local needs and priorities.

Managers from across the civil and wider public service, particularly those who are locally based are very welcome to attend these workshops. There is no charge.

For more information, contact Kim McKnight (T) 02890 347400. To register go to the Forum's web site: Link. This event is being organised in co-operation with SOLACE and the Local Government Staff Commission.