Rising to the Challenge - The Changing Role of the Chief Finance Officer

May 05 2010

The Forum in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is organising a series of breakfast workshops for Finance Directors.

The first of these was held on Wednesday 5th May when the theme for discussion was 'Rising to the Challenge - the changing role of the Chief Finance Officer'.

The backdrop to this trial series of Finance Director workshops is similarly the fallout from the economic crisis and a public sector that will need to find radical new solutions to the funding crisis about to unfold. While the economic climate will have a significant influence on the Finance Director's strategic contribution, it is only one of a several factors impacting on the changing role of the finance function.

This series focuses on a number of initiatives that can be driven by finance that will support decision making across the organisation.

This first session addressed some of the fundamentals: the economic context and the challenges facing the public sector; the necessity for strategic, as well as tactical change across the organisation; how other public sector organisations have set about addressing the cuts in investment and operating budgets and how CFOs, in particular, can rise to meet these challenges.

The workshops are facilitated by PwC senior consultants Donna MacRae and Bronwyn Surphlis.

Background Reading: "A place at the top table? Raising Finance's game in the public sector" - a PwC Public Sector Research centre publication

Fee: There is no charge.

Other events in the series:

Venue: Malone House

More information: Contact Kim McKnight, (T) 02890 90347400.