'Balancing the Equation between Income and Costs - Part 2: Looking at costs in a different way'

June 23 2010

With harsh cuts in public expenditure looming, the Forum in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is presenting a number of breakfast workshops under the banner of the Financial Insights Series. The first of these, on Wednesday 5 May 2010 at Malone House, discussed the changing role of the chief finance officer. In scoping an agenda for the Financial Insights Series the inaugural session identified important dimensions of the chief finance officer's role, particularly those that will have a bearing on the formulation of corporate strategy and in securing the outcomes the organisation needs to achieve in what will be a testing financial environment.

The second workshop on the 26th May was a wide-ranging discussion about income generation - about alternative means of raising or augmenting vote or grant income.

This, the third workshop considered the other side of the equation - to costs. Leading on from the first breakfast briefing which outlined the unprecedented financial and economic environment we find ourselves in and the need to take more of a strategic response to addressing both the immediate and planned budget cuts, this session explored some of the options available for achieving sustainable cost management and the role of the CFO in relation to this.

Faciltators: These workshops are facilitated by PwC senior consultants Donna MacRae and Bronwyn Surphlis.

Background Reading: "A place at the top table? Raising Finance's game in the public sector" - a PwC Public Sector Research centre publication

Fee: There is no charge for these event.

Venue: Malone House

*A detailed summary report, "Overview of Finance Directors' Briefings" - June 2010, on matters covered in the series to date has been prepared by PwC. This is available on request by Forum members from Kim McKnight, (T) 02890 90347400.